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Client: Customer Care System

Our partnership with Molly Maid and its parent company Service Brands International  has lasted for over 20 years. Starting in 1994, Servant Systems won the Microsoft Windows World Open first prize for the Customer Care System developed for Molly Maid . Now, Customer Care System has evolved into a holistic, integrated software application that automates the origination of repetitive residential cleanings from initial scheduling through customer payment.

The Product

The award-winning Customer Care System is currently used by 450 franchises serving more than 17 million customers in 40 states. The system boasts several innovative features:

  1.  The newly added Price Increase Module allows franchisees to easily adjust their prices based on costs and market conditions. Franchisees can now make regular or scheduled price adjustments with groups of customers rather than making individual or random changes.
  2. The ‘Outlook release’ enables franchise owners or managers create company-wide appointments, view the calendars or tasks of staff members, and assign appointments or tasks to any staff member, and it monitors the status of all these activities. Users can create one-time or recurring appointments and tasks to organize their work. Managers can also set work days and hours of each staff member to be visible to all users. All this is intended to help franchise staff members improve their coordination and organization as Molly Maid franchisees continue to grow their customer base.
  3. “Workflow” features. These features are designed to improve customer retention with the ability to automate specific time consuming tasks such as reminder calls in this first edition. Reminder calls can be send via traditional email, text (SMS) or text-to-speech (TTS), thus reducing the amount of time and effort involved in certain communication tasks.

The current software was developed using the latest Microsoft technology, including Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Server.


The Customer care System has been crucial to the growth of individual franchises and has contributed to the development of Molly Maid’s expanding operations

“Our franchisees have seen a significant amount of cost and time savings by automating specific tasks in their offices. This has allowed the employees to focus on answering the phone live and to provide better customer support to their valued customers. We are currently working on additional workflows that will further boost our customer retention efforts and expect to deliver these in 2014,” said Eric Niemiec, Director of IT for Molly Maid and Service Brands International.

Ted Kennedy, SBI’s Chief Information Officer, said “The Molly Maid Customer Care System has been a critical part of Molly Maid’s success over the last 13 years. I believe this new technology platform will provide our franchisees with the power and flexibility they need to succeed for the next 13 years and beyond.”