dominos logoDomino’s had developed an in-store system to give it a way to better handle the store pizza operations, including their now famous Pizza Tracker.  Their larger multi-unit franchisees needed software to consolidate the reporting across all stores and feed their payroll and accounting systems.

Servant Systems in partnership with Domino’s Pizza has developed and deployed the Domino’s PULSE™ Franchise Office System, used by over 2000 Domino’s stores in 14 countries. The product boasts timely and accurate reporting for multi-unit franchise owners.

 The Product

Domino’s Pulse™ Franchise Office System integrates franchisees’ financial, payroll and other store information with Domino’s system-wide PULSE™ in-store order entry system.

Domino’s Pizza operations are extraordinarily dependent on timely and accurate reporting. The Franchise Office System significantly includes push reporting of daily numbers to store managers and supervisors.  It also dramatically decreases the time required for Payroll and Accounting functions. The software aids each franchisee in sales analysis as well as validation of accounting data before it is loaded into the franchisee’s accounting system.

The software also generates reports for accounting personnel to assist in account reconciliation as well as provide corporate management with operating profit/loss summaries to assist in managing the stores. Once the accounting data is reconciled, it is automatically sent to the accounting system thereby reducing what can otherwise be a manual and laborious process, especially when a franchisee has many stores. Also, some other features include tip and mileage reimbursement calculations, marketing, operations analysis capability, and automated email report distribution

The software is written using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and is thus highly customizable, including support for international differences such as date formats and currency.


Franchisees using the software reduced the time required to process payroll by up to 80% (from 25 hours down to 3 or 4 hours for a 70 store franchisee).

Managers and Supervisors of stores get a quick daily over view of key performance indicators helping them reduce food and labor costs quickly.  They can drill down into hourly performance numbers to ensure they have the right staffing at the right time.