Announcing Servantia Smartware®

Servantia SmartWare® is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based franchise management system for home service franchise operations. Developed by Servant Systems, with quarter of a century home service franchise software experience, Servantia SmartWare® was built from the ground up for efficient daily operations for franchisees with mobile staff. It provides enhanced customer service, expedient routing and dispatch, and mobile tech independence via an optional iPad mobile app. Based on the reliable and high-performance Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Servantia SmartWare® can scale from dozens to hundreds of franchise offices.

The system offers many benefits, among them the improvement of mobile technician efficiency with a mobile app that includes job notification, maps, driving directions and onsite quote development. Another is the reduction of office workload by automatically tracking tech time, and letting mobile techs create their own invoices, create purchase orders, and take payments. To see a comprehensive listing of product benefits and features, click the following link.

Check out the Servantia SmartWare® product page