New version software for Two Men and a Truck cuts 25-30% off estimator time

ANN ARBOR, MI—(August 26, 2004)—Servant Systems, an Ann Arbor, MI franchise software developer, has released Version 2 of the Movers Who Care franchise management system software developed for Two Men and A Truck, International. Version 2 updates the technology so that both the headquarters and tech support location receive critical management and technical data from each franchise site automatically every morning using the latest Microsoft .NET web services technology. Movers Who Care 2.0 was recently released to all franchisees and was installed at most sites.

The software also enables efficient on-site project estimating. Florida franchisee Britt Lanier said, “Servant Systems’ latest addition to the Movers Who Care software has definitely improved our business. We are saving between 10 to 15 hours per week of our moving estimator’s time using the new version with a Tablet PC. We walk through the customer’s home or business carrying the Tablet PC to create a Two Men and A Truck estimate just like we do at our office. When finished, we point the Tablet PC at the wireless printer, click ‘Print’, and get a professional looking, accurate estimate that can be presented to the customer and booked on the spot. Our customers love it and it differentiates us from the competition.”

Movers Who Care was initially released in 1999 and is currently used by Two Men and A Truck’s 140 United States locations. The franchise management system handles moving estimates, truck scheduling, and operational analysis. Over the past five years, many franchisees have doubled their number of trucks, with some running more than 30 trucks.

Two Men and A Truck, headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, is the first and largest local residential and commercial moving franchise system in the United States. It is also the nation’s fifth largest mover.

Servant Systems is a custom software solutions provider to franchisors and a Microsoft Certified Partner (both since 1992). Servant Systems ( develops franchise management tools, sales reporting applications and other essential software systems that help franchisees and franchisors improve operational efficiency, marketing performance and profitability.

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